How does Hypnotherapy work?

The answer to hypnotherapy lies in the unconscious mind, a part of our brain that is completely part of us yet outside of our control. By tapping into this part of our brain, it can help release us from not only fears and anxieties, but feelings of pessimism with our lives. By delving into these hidden thoughts, emotions and fears, you could discover a new lease of life, free of emotional stress and anxiety. Equally, that annoying habit you have battled with for as long as you can remember could be gone after just one session of Liverpool hypnotherapy.

When our minds are completely relaxed so too is the conscious part of our mind. This is the part of the mind that is in control of all of your intellectual, analytical and logical parts of thinking – the parts that will normally lose out to certain unconscious, irrational thoughts. For example, if you are afraid of flying, rationally thinking you would assume the chances of something happening mid-air are far far slimmer than the risks you take every time you get into a car, but the unconscious part of your mind plays on anxieties and overpowers the rational conscious mind. Thus, when you are hypnotised, an expert like Maria Charnock of Merseyside Hypnotherapy, taps into this unconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind and releasing the imagination and creative parts of your mind.

What’s more the unconscious mind is a vital part of your well being, giving you self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, by exploring your unconscious mind you will achieve a greater awareness of yourself and your body.